Cultural Meeting Place

Every Sunday, members of our community meet in the Carrington Creek Parklands to learn, celebrate, and explore culture. Art making, traditional fishing, and a big ‘Dates Mob’ feed are part of our activities – we would love you to join us!

Our meeting place is were we connect spiritually, culturally and physically to country through dance, song, arts, language & collection of our traditional food sources. Catching crabs along Throsby Creek has been a traditional practise for thousands of years – our elders tell us they used to be the size of a plate! The teaching of storylines & connection to the water ways is sacred, and should be spoken within community. The elders to our peoples love to teach the next generation about their identity to country and to their spirit.

We are pelicans, and celebrate ‘Black’ & ‘White’ alike. Everyone is welcome – come join our mob, and be part of our story – that of the longest, continual culture in ‘Onebygamba’ – known more widely as ‘Carrington’. Joining us is free, though if you’re staying for lunch we suggest a $5 donation per person.

Currently we’re working working with Curious Legends, Orica, and Newcastle City Council to create a BIG outdoor performance in Onebygamba for the next New Annual Festival in September of 2021. Called Gimbay Gatigaan (Friendly Mudcrab in language), our dance group The Bloodline Sista Girls and community will be working with professional artists from Curious Legends to showcase our culture. We invite everyone to join us! For more info, GO HERE.

See you Sunday!

How to Find Us?
Come to the Carrington Park Foreshore, every Sunday @ 2pm. You can find updates on our Facebook Page:

Maps Link:
Carrington Foreshore

Huge thanks to Orica, for funding our ‘weekly feeds’ and art supplies as part of the Onebygamba Project!